Klaus Herburger. Photo: Universität Rostock

Secreatary of the Phycology Section

Klaus Herburger is Juniorprofessor at the Institute for Biological Sciences at the University of Rostock, Germany. His research focus is on cell walls of green algae and land plants, in particular their enzymatic remodelling during cell growth and high potential as a sustainable raw material. Moreover, he is interested in developing non-invasive methods for localising cell wall components. Herburger received his doctorate from the University of Innsbruck (Austria) in 2016, working on cellular adaptations of terrestrial green algae to their habitats. This was followed by a five-year postdoc phase at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), where he studied the cell walls of land plants and their main storage carbohydrate, starch, before accepting his appointment in Rostock in 2022.


Jun.-Prof. Klaus Herburger
Group Cell Biology of Phototrophic Marine Organisms
University of Rostock
Institute for Biological Sciences
Albert-Einstein-Straße 3
18059 Rostock
Phone: ++49 381 498 6093
Phone secretary (Stephanie Kelling): ++49 381 498 6071
E-Mail: klaus.herburger[at]