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Algal Collections and Cultures

Deutschland (Germany)

CCAC: Culture Collection of Algae at the University of Cologne, Germany

CCCryo: Culture Collection of Cryophilic Algae at Fraunhofer IBMT, Postdam, Germany

MZCH: Sammlung von Conjugaten und Mikroalgen der Universität Hamburg, Biozentrum Klein Flottbek (Culture Collection: Microalgae and Zygnematophyceae Collection Hamburg (MZCH) at Biocenter Klein Flottbeck, Hamburg University)

SAG: Sammlung von Algenkulturen, Göttingen, Germany

Europa (Europe)

ACOI: The Coimbra Culture Collection of Algae (Portugal)

CCAP: The Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (Scotland)

CCALA: Culture Collection of Autortophic Organisms (Trebon, Czech Republic)

RCC: Roscoff Culture Collection (France)

NIVA: Culture Collection of Algae (Norway)

SCCAP: Scandinavian Culture Collection for Algae and Protozoa (Denmark) will be closed down by the end of 2016 but its material merged with NIVA

Weitere (Other)

ATCC: American Type Culture Collection

CCCM: Canadian Center for the Culture of Microorganisms 

CCMP: Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton (Algae Aquaculture) 

UTCC: University of Toronto Culture Collection of Algae and Cyanobacteria  

UTEX: Culture Collection of Algae at the University of Texas at Austin

World catalogue of algae collections 

Data bases and Catalogues

AlgaeBase: The Global Species Database (searchable database of freshwater, terrestrial and subaerial algae, seaweed and seagrass names)

Algae & Protozoa Datenportal GBIF-D

AlgaTerra Information System (Micro algal biodiversity: a synthesis of taxonomic, molecular and ecological information)

Index Nominum Algarum - Bibliographia Phycologica Universalis (Paul Silva's UC Berkeley list of algal names)

Other Phycological Projects and Information

Automatic Diatom Identification And Classification Project

Diatom Catalog, Farlow Herbarium, Harvard University

Indian Ocean Catalogue at Berkley Univ.

The Coded List of Freshwater Algae of the British Isles

The Ellis and Messina "Catalogue of Diatoms" (over 7500 entries)

The Fritsch Collection of Illustrations of Freshwater Algae 

Gefährliche Algenblüten (Harmful Algal Blooms - The IOC harmful Algal Bloom Programme)

The Diatom Collection of the California Academy of Sciences 

Hustedt Diatom Study Centre at Alfred Wegener-Institution of Oceanography


The Latz Research Laboratory with information on dinoflagellates and bioluminescence

The Seaweed Site: information on marine algae

University of California, Berkley - Museum of Paleontology

European Phycological Societies

Dachverband (Umbrella Organisation):
Federation of European Phycological Societies (FEPS)

Algologische Arbeitsgruppe in der Italienischen Botanischen Gesellschaft (Algology Working Group of the Italian Botanical Society)

Belgian-Dutch Phycological Society

Britische Phykologengesellschaft (British Phycological Society) & Facebook-group

Französische Diatomologen (Association des Diatomistes de Langue Francaise, ADLaF)

French Phycological Society

Griechische Phykologengesellschaft (Hellenic Phycological Society)

Sektion Phykologie in der DBG (Phycology Section of German Botanical Society)

Phycological Society of Croatia

Phykologische Gesellschaft der Tschechischen Republik (Phycological Society of Czech Republic)

Polnische Phykologengesellschaft (Polish Phycological Society)

Spanische Phykologische Gesellschaft (Spanish Phycological Society)

Türkische Phykologiegruppe (Turkish Phycology Group)

Further Phycology Societies

Amerikanische Gesellschaft für Limnologie und Ozeanographie (American Society of Limnology and Oceanography)

Australische Gesellschaft für Phykologie und Aquatische Botanik (The Australian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany)

Internationale Phykologische Gesellschaft (International Phycological Society)

Internationaler Seetang-Verbund (International Seaweed Association)

Internationale Gesellschaft für Diatomeenforschung (International Society for Diatom Research)

Internationale Gesellschaft zur Analyse gefährlicher Algen (International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae, ISSHA)

Panamerikanische Biotechnologie-Vereinigung (Pan American Marine Biotechnology Association)

PSA: Phykologische Gesellschaft von Amerika (Phycological Society of America, PSA)

Vereinigung für Systematische Sammlungen (Association of Systematics Collections)

Phycological Journals

Algological Studies

Bibliotheca Phycologica

Bibliotheca Diatomologica

Botanica Marina

European Journal of Phycology

Harmful Algae

Journal of Phycology

Journal of Plankton Research

Limnology and Oceanography

Nova Hedwigia

Nova Hedwigia Supplements

Perspectives in Phycology