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Soda Lakes of East Africa

In the book "Soda lakes of East Africa" 30 well known experts summarize their research findings about the alkaline-saline lakes of East Africa, which include the world-famous “flamingo lakes”. It covers the full range of issues, from the lakes’ origin and history, life in and around these unique water bodies, to utilization, threats and management considerations. The three main parts of the book focus on

  • "Genesis, physics and chemistry” tackles lake development and the astounding physico-chemistry of the lakes.
  • “Organisms and ecology” presents information about the many lake inhabitants, their interactions and adaptations to the extreme living conditions.
  • “Utilization, management and perspectives” addresses threats such as lake exploitation and pollution, but also considers potential uses.

The authors, all of whom are leading international experts, summarize research done so far, highlight new and important findings, and provide future outlooks. This book, edited by Section's member Michael Schagerl and published by Springer, will be particularly relevant to researchers and lecturers in the field of limnology and aquatic ecology, but is also designed to attract all those interested in nature and life on our planet. The royalty is fully donated to Medécins sans frontiers (Ärzte ohne Grenzen).

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