Conference Report

20th Phycology Meeting in Jena

The participants of the Phycology Meeting in front of the old city tower in Jena, Germany. Photo: Sandra Künzel

The 20th scientific meeting of our Phycology Section took place from March 12 to 15, 2023 in the Rosensäle in Jena. Prof. Dr. Maria Mittag and PD. Dr. Volker Wagner organized the meeting, for which 91 algal researchers registered. They presented and discussed up to date topics of phycology. Maria Mittag, chair of the Phycology Section, welcomed all participants on the first day and presented the topics of the individual Sessions of the Meeting. She acknowledged the following institutions on behalf of the Section for their support: the German Society for Plant Sciences, Friedrich Schiller University Jena with its Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse, as well as the companies (in alphabetic order) Agrisera, New England Biolabs, Walz and Zeiss. Maria Mittag mentions the topics of the meeting in her Report and describes the price for high school students under the theme „Shaping the Future with Algae“, which was awarded for the second time. She reports about further prices for students including PhD students as well as about the Pringsheim price awarded for the best presentation of a PhD thesis. Finally, she reports about the von Stosch Award presented to an outstanding phycologist who enthused the audience with his critical questions about photosynthesis and phycology and inspired the people with a poem on evolution. 

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New Board members elected

The new Board of the Section Phycology (f.l.t.r.): Dr. Maike Lorenz, Dr. Thomas Leya, Jun.-Prof. Klaus Herburger, PhD, Prof. Dr. Claudia Büchel, Charlotte Permann, Prof. Dr. Severin Sasso, Prof. Dr. Peter Kroth. Photo: Trang Vuong

Three members of the Board, who have contributed for many years, decided not to stand again for election and made also place for younger phycologists. These are the graduate speaker Dr. Karin Glaser, the secretary Prof. Dr. Andreas Holzinger und the chair Prof. Dr. Maria Mittag. In the General Assembly Meeting, held March 13, 2023, the following members standing for election were voted for: 

Prof. Dr. Claudia Büchel (chair), Dr. Thomas Leya (deputy chair), Jun.-Prof. Klaus Herburger, PhD (secretary), Dr. Maike Lorenz (treasurer), Prof. Dr. Severin Sasso (assessor), Charlotte Permann (graduate assessor) and Prof. Dr. Peter Kroth (representative of the Federation of European Phycological Societies, FEPS).