Pringsheim Award

The Section supports young scientists by awarding the Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award for outstanding PhD thesis. The following researchers have received the award for their outstanding PhD theses:

Promoting young researchers

2023: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Pringsheim Price awarded to Charlotte Permann (f.l.t.r.): Charlotte Permann, MSc., Prof. Dr. Andreas Holzinger, Dr. Petra Meyerhoff, Prof. Dr. Claudia Büchel, Prof. Dr. Maria Mittag. Photo: Trang Vuong

Charlotte Permann (Innsbruck): "Sexual reproduction in Zygnematophyceae – a key to terrestrialization?"

Promoting young researchers

2020: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Soo Hyun Im (Konstanz): "Characterization of Aureochromes - Novel Blue Light Photoreceptors in Diatoms"

Promoting young researchers

2018: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Miriam Bernard: "Deciphering kelp-endophyte interactions"

Promoting young researchers

2016: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Sophie Steinhagen: "Genetic survey of Ulvales in Nothern Germany reveals diversity and introduced species"

Sebastian Wittek: "Polyploidy – A Potential Key to Stable Endosymbiosis"

Promoting young researchers

2014: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Anique Stecher: "DNA and RNA-based biodiversity of eukaryotic sea ice algal communities of the central Arctic Ocean"

Promoting young researchers

2012: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Karin Komšić-Buchmann: "The SEC6 protein is required for function of the contractile vacuole in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

Promoting young researchers

2010: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Sonja Werner: "From green to red – development of hypnozygotes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

Promoting young researchers

2008: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Uwe Langner, Leipzig: "Chlamydomonas acidophila - Investigations of the growth efficiency under extreme environmental conditions."

Frauke Pescheck, Kiel: "UV tolerance in green macroalgae: Screeing and tolerance in Ulva clathrata and Rhizoclonium riparium."

Promoting young researchers

2006: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Ansgar Gruber, Konstanz: "Visualisation and quantification of organellar genomes in Phaeodactylum tricornutum"

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2005: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Björn Podola, Köln: "Mikroalgen in Biosensorsystemen zur Analyse von toxischen Verbindungen"

Promoting young researchers

2003: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Thomas Mock, Bremerhaven: "Molekulare Mechanismen der Kälteanpassung in der polaren Diatomee Fragilariopsis cylindricus"

Cristoph Thyssen, Kaiserslautern: "Der CO2-Konzentrierungsmechanismus von Chlamydomonas: Insertionsmutagnese - vom Phänotyp zum Gen(otyp)"

Promoting young researchers

2001: Ernst Georg Pringsheim Award

Anke Behnke, Göttingen: "rDNA-Analysen und sexuelle Kompatibilität bei den Sellaphora pupula-Artenkomplex (Bacillariophyceae)"

Images of the award ceremony

Photos of the Awardees and the award ceremony can be retrieved from the Intranet.