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More images of the alga Chromera velia

Electron micrograph of the alga Chromera velia, only 5 µm (5 thousandths of a millimetre) in size, here displayed in green. Image: Miroslav Oborník
Chromera velia’s relatives: The Apicomplexa include the causative agent of malaria, the dinoflagellates include the symbiotic partners of corals, and the ciliates include the slipper animalcule Paramecium. Image: Ansgar Gruber
The single-celled alga Chromera velia occurs in a mobile form with two flagella (left), or as a stationary form (right), as the electron micrograph shows. Image: Miroslav Oborník
The stony coral Montipora digitata is one of the coral species from which the tiny alga Chromera velia, which is only visible under the microscope, could be isolated. Image: Ansgar Gruber
Although all existing Chromera velia cultures come from corals, the alga does not depend on corals in laboratory cultures. Image: Ansgar Gruber

Photos for the press release alga of the year 2020: Chromera velia, autonomous relative of prominent parasites

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